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Bruce A Brown

I have been making images since early childhood. I spent many hours as a youth in art classes doing mosaics, glass pictures and coper enameling. I never developed skills in drawing or painting. That is what drew me into photography. I spent many hours behind the lens and in the darkroom. Subsequently I have moved on to the “Digital World”.

In college I majored in Zoology and subsequently went to Medical School/Research ending in an MD/PhD. I specialized in Orthopaedic Surgery with its proximity to Photography (X-ray) and Sculpture (Surgery). I believe that this combination allowed my  Art (Photography) and Medicine (Orthopaedic Surgery) to continue to progress..

Medical missions in China, Cuba, Panama, Thailand, Korea and Mexico have allowed me to pursue both my artistic and medical endeavors. I also believe it has been beneficial in my interest in Portraiture, allowing more positive interactions with the sitters from the many hours I have spent engaging patients and treating them.

I continue to pursue both my surgical endeavors as well as medical missions, partiture,  landscape and street photography to round out my photographic and medical lives.

Photographic Statement

Photographs or images are among the most important cultural documents of our time. Photographs document the environment and the style in which we exist within the world as we know it. Photographic images allow us to evaluate and understand and appreciate the “world” we live in. We cannot experience the totality of our environment, but we can examine the “world” through the presentation of images made by many observers who are documenting the world through there limited eyes. The responsibility of the photographer is to watch and present the part of the “world” that passes before the camera’s lens.

My photographs span many genera of the photographic repertoire. Through my photographic presentation of the environment that I have experienced, I am giving my viewers a chance to see elements that they were or were not aware of. I strive to present multiple elements that “make up” our universe and observe not like a critical examination but present pathways for personal understanding and appreciation.